Wisdom Teeth Removal

When a person enters their late teen years, the last teeth to grow in are the third molars. Most people refer to the third molars as wisdom teeth because they are the last to erupt when a person is said to be growing wiser.

There is a small percentage of people that will never even grow wisdom teeth, and there is another small number of people for whom wisdom teeth come in perfectly straight. In this case, the wisdom teeth are valuable and beneficial.

But for a majority of people, the late arrival of wisdom teeth really puts stress on the mouth and causes a myriad of problems. Without much room to grow, wisdom teeth come in at an angle and can become impacted. Impaction is of concern because it can be painful, cause infection, and do damage to surrounding teeth.

The timing of the eruption of wisdom teeth is also significant. Many young teenagers wear braces for a year or two to correct misalignment. About the time this work is being completed, the wisdom teeth begin to threaten the orthodontic work.

For all of these reasons, wisdom teeth need to be removed as early as possible. Extracting wisdom teeth is a common oral surgery performed right in the office. We know that many people feel anxious about having teeth removed, so we do everything we can to minimize your concern. At South Texas Dental, we serve you with advanced tools and techniques and offer a variety of sedation methods to make the experience virtually painless.

We’ll meet with you prior to the surgery to discuss the procedure and answer your questions. Our experienced team will explain the post-operative instructions so that you can keep your mouth clean and comfortable as you heal.
At South Texas Dental, we offer expert oral care and look forward to serving you soon. Contact us today for an appointment.

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