San Antonio Tooth Extraction

The thought of a tooth extraction makes most people cringe. At South Texas Dental in San Antonio, we understand that no one wants to come in to have a bad tooth pulled or to get their wisdom teeth removed. However, our caring dental team will make sure that we provide you with the best care if you must have a tooth removed. We will do our best to make the experience as pain and stress-free as possible.

Tooth extraction is a simple, routine procedure that is usually quickly performed. Although some teeth can be more difficult, in most cases a single tooth extraction takes very little time at all. Our dentists will explain the procedure so you know what to expect and make you comfortable before the procedure begins. Most people are surprised how painless and quick the treatment is, and before they know it, they are back home resting and healing comfortably.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

The last set of molars is referred to as the wisdom teeth, usually arriving in a person’s late teens into adulthood. While it is perfectly normal to keep your wisdom teeth, it is also common to have them removed. There are several reasons you or your child may need wisdom teeth removed, including alignment and space issues. Wisdom teeth can also become impacted under adjacent teeth and need removal to prevent further problems. During the teen years, the growth of the wisdom teeth should be monitored; if you need wisdom teeth removed, come see us at South Texas Dental.

Tooth extractions are often covered under most dental plans, including CHIP and Medicaid plans, which we accept at South Texas Dental. We also have emergency dental appointments available when you need an urgent extraction – we can often see you the same day. Contact your nearest San Antonio location to find out whether we accept your dental insurance and to make an appointment.

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