Plano Tooth Extraction

Providing the best dental care available is our goal at South Texas Dental in Plano. Our mission is to protect our patient’s beautiful smiles with preventive care that can help them maintain their teeth for a lifetime. Yet even with regular dental exams, cleanings and good hygiene, there can be times when a tooth cannot be saved. Injury, medical conditions and other factors can make it necessary for tooth extraction. When this is the case, you can trust South Texas Dental to make the procedure as quick and painless as possible.

Needing a tooth pulled can be stressful for many people. No one wants to lose a tooth, even when it is causing them pain. However, in most cases tooth extraction is a quick and simple procedure that is over before you know it. Our professional dental team can put you at ease and make you comfortable, helping reduce your anxiety. Once the treatment is over, we will give you home care instructions to ensure you heal quickly with very little pain.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Each year millions of people need to have their wisdom teeth removed. While some people choose to keep their wisdom teeth, others can experience problems with these last molars requiring their removal. Wisdom teeth can cause misalignment of the existing teeth if the patient’s mouth is too small to accommodate these big molars. They can also grow crooked or become impacted, needing removal before they cause inflammation or infection. At South Texas Dental, we offer careful, compassionate wisdom teeth removal for teens and adults that is virtually painless.

Whether you need an emergency tooth extraction the same day or want to schedule your child’s wisdom teeth removal, contact South Texas Dental today. Most tooth extractions are covered under dental insurance, making the procedure affordable.

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