Houston Tooth Extraction

No one wants to lose a tooth or need an extraction. At South Texas Dental, we do not want to remove anyone’s tooth if we can save it through other procedures. Part of our dedication to pediatric dentistry is to help children from a young age learn to care for their teeth so extractions are not necessary. However, sometimes an extraction cannot be avoided. Decay, injury or poorly aligned wisdom teeth can all lead to the necessary removal of teeth. When tooth extraction is unavoidable, you can trust our team to help you or your family member feel comfortable during the procedure, making the experience as painless as possible.

Although many extractions are for adults who have a damaged or severely decayed tooth, sometimes a child will need a tooth removed. This can be due to alignment issues with permanent teeth that are coming in or an injury may require a tooth extraction. Our pediatric dentists take extra care to ensure that if a child needs a tooth removed, the extraction is carefully performed for the safety of their oral health, and we help them feel calm and comfortable during the procedure.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

One of the most common reasons for extraction is wisdom tooth removal. Although many people can keep their wisdom teeth without any problems, others may need theirs removed to protect their oral health and alignment of teeth. Some wisdom teeth can grow in crooked, sideways or become impacted, making it necessary to extract these last molars as soon as they are formed. Wisdom teeth typically come in during the late teens and early twenties. During this time, our dentists can monitor their growth and recommend extraction if they pose a problem to your child’s oral health.

When you need a caring dental team in Houston for any tooth extraction, contact one of our South Texas Dental locations. If you have a severe toothache or need emergency care, we can often see you the same day to fix the problem right away, including tooth extractions.

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