Haltom City Tooth Extraction

Trauma, decay and even hard foods can damage your teeth. At South Texas Dental, we always do our best to repair damaged teeth and preserve your natural teeth. Yet in some cases, a tooth may need to be extracted to protect a patient’s overall oral health. When you need a tooth extraction, our team in Haltom City can provide you with a virtually painless tooth removal in our comfortable office.

Teeth are meant to last for a lifetime, and with regular dental care, most people can retain their teeth to old age. However, medical issues, alignment irregularities and other problems can result in a tooth needing to be pulled. Our dental team offers a gentle, caring approach to tooth extraction for our patients. In some cases, children must have a tooth removed. Our pediatric dentists know how to make the experience comfortable for even our smallest patients. If necessary, we can perform extractions in an operating room under anesthesia for safe removal of a child’s teeth.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

In the late teen years or early twenties, most people receive their four wisdom teeth. These molars are the final teeth to come in and also the most common to need extraction. While some people can keep their wisdom teeth, others do not have room for these late molars. These teeth can also grow in crooked or sideways, creating problems in bite alignment. When wisdom teeth will negatively affect the oral health of the patient, we offer wisdom tooth removal at our offices. We provide a comfortable, caring environment for gentle removal of these problem teeth.

Most dental insurance covers tooth extractions, either partially or fully, making it affordable to get the dental care you need. South Texas Dental accepts most insurance plans and offers emergency appointments for tooth extractions. Contact our Haltom City location today.

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