Garland Tooth Extraction

Protecting your oral health is our top priority at South Texas Dental. With regular checkups, cleanings and proactive dental treatments, we hope to help every patient maintain their teeth for a lifetime. Our goal is always to save a tooth when possible, yet there are circumstances when a tooth must be extracted. Damage, decay and infection can leave no other option than to remove a tooth. When that is the case, our caring team of dental professionals strive to make the procedure quick and as painless as possible.

No one wants to undergo a tooth extraction if they can avoid it. But if that is the best solution for your overall oral health, our dental team will make you comfortable and put you at ease before the procedure. We will discuss anesthesia options and make sure you know how to care for your treatment area once you go home. For our young patients needing a tooth extraction, our pediatric dentists know the best way to make kids feel calm and relaxed during this type of procedure.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

For many, the only extractions they ever will need to experience are those of having their wisdom teeth removed. Wisdom teeth can be a vital part of a person’s oral health, filling in the final molar spots in their mouth. For others, wisdom teeth grow in sideways, crooked or become impacted under an adjacent tooth, making removal necessary. At South Texas Dental, we monitor the growth of your teen’s wisdom teeth to determine their health and alignment. At the first indication that they may cause issues for your teen’s oral health, we will discuss the option for removing them.

If you and your family are looking for a quality dentist in Garland for general and pediatric dentistry, come visit us at South Texas Dental. We offer a full array of dental services, from preventive care to orthodontic and tooth extractions. Contact us today to discuss the many insurance and payment options available to make your family dental care affordable.

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