Arlington Tooth Extraction

Are you living with a painful tooth that needs to be removed? Injury, decay and infection can damage a tooth beyond repair to the point where tooth extraction is necessary. Once the exterior of the tooth is compromised from a crack, lost filling or decay, the nerve can be exposed, causing pain. At South Texas Dental, we always do our best to save a tooth if possible. However, if it must be removed to stop the pain or to protect your health, we will make the procedure quick and virtually painless.

No one wants to have a tooth pulled, yet sometimes that is the best option. If you have a tooth that is causing you pain, call our office in Arlington. We offer emergency dental appointments for our patients and we may be able to see you the same day. If extraction is necessary, we will make sure you are comfortable while we care for your tooth. The procedure is usually very quick – you will be on your way home to recover and heal in no time at all.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Even those with excellent dental hygiene habits can need tooth extractions. Trauma and injury can lead to needed tooth removal, as can poorly aligned wisdom teeth. The last molars to appear, some wisdom teeth are left without enough room to grow. They can come in sideways, become impacted under the adjacent tooth or grow crooked. This can lead to teens or young adults needing wisdom teeth removal to protect their oral health.

At South Texas Dental, we offer both routine tooth extractions and extraction of wisdom teeth at our Arlington offices. Extractions are covered under most dental plans, either covered in full or at a percentage of the cost. We accept most dental plans and also have discount, financing and payment plans to help with any extra costs not covered by insurance. Contact one of our locations in Arlington today to find out whether we accept your insurance plan and to schedule your appointment.

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