Tooth Extraction

Though nobody enjoys the thought of having teeth pulled, occasionally a tooth can crack, break or become so decayed, diseased or crooked that the only solution left is a tooth extraction.

At South Texas Dental, we consider pulling teeth a last resort, but if it is required, we employ the very latest techniques to keep patients comfortable and make the procedure virtually painless.

And when it comes to children, our highly-trained, experienced pediatric and children’s dentists take every precaution to ensure the safety of the procedure and the comfort of the child all through the process.

A reminder: having a toothache can indicate a problem, and though it doesn’t necessarily lead to tooth extraction, you should have it looked at as soon as possible. And at South Texas Dental, when you have a dental emergency, you don’t have to wait for an appointment. You can simply walk in during our regular hours, and though you may have to wait at busier times, we will see you.

Tooth extractions, like most of our other dental services, are covered by Medicaid, CHIP and most dental insurance.

South Texas Dental also performs Wisdom Tooth Extractions in necessary cases. To find the South Texas Dental office nearest you, please see our Locations page.

We provide tooth extraction due to decay, disease or trauma for patients of all ages in the following cities and surrounding areas:

We Accept  
  •  Medicaid
  •  CHIP
  •  Most Insurance
  •  Cash
  •  Credit Cards
  •  CareCredit