Plano Orthodontist

Crooked, misaligned or gapped teeth can detract from a beautiful smile, as well as cause oral health issues. Orthodontics is a specialty in the field of dentistry which uses techniques and devices to correct irregularities in the alignment of teeth. At South Texas Dental in Plano, we provide orthodontic treatment that can help improve the health and beauty of you and your family’s smiles.

Orthodontics focuses on changing the alignment of the teeth. While most people envision a teen with braces when they think of orthodontics, both young children and adults can also benefit from orthodontic care. Most dentists recommend children have an examination with an orthodontist by age seven. Irregularities in the tooth structure and alignment of the child’s teeth can be monitored and treated, helping correct issues early instead of waiting until their teens to make adjustments. Adults can also remedy alignment issues with orthodontic care, even if they never had braces as a teen.

Braces for Kids and Adults

Braces are the fundamental device for changing bite alignment. Although there are surgical and other methods used in orthodontics, braces are the simplest solution for creating a straight, beautiful smile. At South Texas Dental, we prefer to use the advanced self-ligating brackets now available for braces. This is an improvement over traditional braces which use rubber bands to hold the arch wires in place. Self-ligating brackets hold the wires without bands, making it quicker to adjust and less likely to need repairs between appointments. These new braces are available for kids and adults, offering a more comfortable experience.

Straight, aligned teeth are important for a beautiful, healthy smile. If you are looking for affordable orthodontic care and braces in Plano, contact South Texas Dental today. We accept most dental plans plus have payment and financing options for any budget.

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