Houston Orthodontist

Welcome to South Texas Dental, your family’s source for a straight, beautiful smile in Houston. As part of our family dental care, we offer caring, affordable orthodontic treatments that can help everyone in your family achieve a healthy, aligned smile. Crooked teeth or a misaligned bite are more than just a detraction from a lovely smile; orthodontic issues can affect your overall oral health. Our caring dental team and orthodontists can help anyone, teens or adults, get the beautifully aligned smile that everyone wants to show to the world.

Orthodontic treatments can fix many of the common alignment issues that you may be facing with your teeth. Crooked teeth, gaps and teeth that are misaligned when you smile can all be remedied with braces. Not only do orthodontic issues take away from a beautiful smile, they can affect your speech and make it more difficult to keep your teeth clean. Crooked teeth and gaps allows food particles to become trapped between your teeth, often leading to decay and other oral health issues. However, at South Texas Dental, our orthodontists can help you change your teeth alignment, giving you the smile and dental health you deserve.

Braces for Kids and Adults

When many people conjure up the image of wearing braces, the old traditional braces with rubber bands and wires may be what come to mind. At our South Texas Dental offices in Houston, we offer braces with self-ligating brackets that are more comfortable and easier to maintain than traditional braces. This means no rubber bands and fewer trips to our office for repairs or adjustments. We offer self-ligating braces for both kids and adults, so everyone in your family can have gorgeous, healthy smiles.

The best way to ensure children get the best dental care for a straight smile is to begin caring for their teeth’s alignment early. We recommend that by age seven your child has their first orthodontic appointment. This can give us a chance to make recommendations for treatments that could reduce the need for braces and other alignment procedures down the road.

For optimum orthodontic care for the whole family in Houston, contact one of our area locations below at South Texas Dental. We accept many dental insurance plans, offer payment solutions and financing options to make achieving a straight, healthy smile affordable for everyone.

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