Houston Pediatric Dentist

Your child’s smile is important to her health and well-being. Healthy primary or baby teeth are the first steps in a beautiful, adult smile. At South Texas Dental, we love kids and offer pediatric dental services at our offices in Houston. We want to help you care for your child’s beautiful smile, ensuring it’s kept for a lifetime by creating good oral health habits from the time she gets her first tooth.

Your child’s dental care should begin shortly after his first tooth erupts, usually around six months old. Our pediatric dentists are here to help monitor and care for your child’s teeth from the time they are a toddler until they begin getting their wisdom teeth. Preventive checkups and cleanings throughout childhood can help maintain healthy primary teeth, while monitoring the growth and placement of permanent teeth as they come in. Our pediatric dentists strive to make every dental visit enjoyable and comfortable for your kids so they will develop excellent dental care habits for a lifetime.

Dental Care for Kids

When you visit one of our South Texas Dental offices in Houston, one of the first things you will notice is we cater to our young patients. All our offices have a fun play area to make kids feel comfortable and welcome when they arrive. Our pediatric dentists and caring team of dental professionals all love working with kids – we love to help them care for their beautiful smiles and watch them grow up over the years. We help both children and parents learn how to maintain dental hygiene at home and we monitor their dental health during checkups and cleanings twice a year at our office. Preventive care helps reduce the chance of dental problems, making maintaining your child’s teeth more affordable.

Your child’s dental care is important for their overall health. Their smiles affect their speech, their self-esteem and even are linked to other health issues like diabetes and heart problems. Contact us today for an appointment and let our experienced, caring pediatric team at South Texas Dental watch over your children’s beautiful smile and ensure they get the dental care they need as they grow. We also offer affordable orthodontic treatment, making it easier to care for their smiles all at one office.

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