If Your Tooth Hurts, Do Not Ignore It!

It is easy to ignore certain symptoms and issues when you think they will go away. For instance, coming down with a cold during January is easy to ignore if it is not accompanied by a fever, muscle aches, or severe cough. You simply know that a cold must run its course. However, treating a toothache the same way is not a wise decision. Toothaches only become more serious issues as they “run their course;” they do not resolve themselves on their own.

A toothache is typically not “just a sore tooth,” but something much more serious. If your tooth hurts, it is important that you pay attention to it because it is the symptom of another issue. A toothache is an indication that your oral health is in trouble – and it should never be ignored.

There are varying degrees regarding oral health issues. Some are small and require minor treatment, while others are large issues that require extensive care. Bringing any type of toothache to your dentist’s attention early, rather than waiting, will benefit you in terms of discomfort, time, and money. Most toothaches are the result of the following dental issues:

  • An infected or decayed tooth is an extremely painful experience. When the infection reaches the inner layers of the tooth, the roots are constantly attacked.
  • A trapped piece of food at the gum line of the teeth. This typically causes discomfort in the gums, but can move to an infection in the tooth if it is not taken care of in a timely manner.
  • A cracked tooth is painful – but you must pay attention. The pain generally comes and goes with chewing. When pressure is applied to the tooth, the crack opens and exposes the sensitive nerves within the tooth; when pressure is taken off, the cracks closes and the pain is relieved.

It is important to understand that none of these issues will heal on their own. All of these issues require intervention and/or treatment from your dentist. The longer you ignore your issue, the more serious it will become.

At South Texas Dental, we are here for all of your dental needs. If your tooth hurts, pay attention to it. Ignoring it will not help!

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