Do You Need Extra Fluoride Protection?

If you have had your teeth cleaned recently, our hygienist may have recommended a fluoride treatment.  Parents commonly use fluoride with children as their teeth are erupting and growing, but they don’t commonly consider the benefits in adults.

Fluoride is known to help prevent cavities by building up teeth and making them more resistant against destructive sugars and bacteria. In some cases, it can even turnaround early decay.

For adults that already have a history of decay and bacteria, fluoride applications are especially helpful. Some of the conditions that might put you at higher risk:

Decreased Flow of Saliva

Some medications have a side effect of causing dry mouth. A dry mouth is not a problem in itself, but it is due to the medication decreasing the saliva flow, which is directly related to cavities. Saliva is a natural barrier between our teeth and the foods and drinks you ingest on a daily basis.

Dental Work

Commonly, as your teeth age, you need more work to maintain their structure, such as bridges and crowns. Properly cleaning these areas takes daily diligence. Crowns can develop leaky margins or you may be experiencing some tooth erosion. Fluoride can be very beneficial in the presence of restorative work by strengthening these areas to help them defend against decay.

Gum Problems

As you get older, your gums begin to recede. The gum recession exposes the surface of the roots of our teeth, which is softer and more vulnerable to the attacks of decay-causing bacteria.

At South Texas Dental, we offer concentrated fluoride treatments that deliver more protection than fluoridated toothpastes or mouth rinses. The process is simple and can be administered at your next appointment. We look forward to helping your protect your smile for years to come. We will develop a custom plan for your oral care. Call us today to discuss set up an evaluation or to discuss your needs.

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